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Video: Kool Keith on The Halftime Radio Show 4/11/12
Video: Kool Keith on The Halftime Radio Show 4/11/12

By JR on 8:42 AM

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The Rhythm X aka Dr. Octagon aka Kool Keith of Ultramagnetic MCs visits New York's The Halftime Radio show with DJ Eclipse for a discussion with a number of new projects to come in the year of 2012. Of course with a legendary pioneer in the house DJ Eclipse speaks with Keith about Hip Hop as a whole, comparing current styles and approaches to the past Golden Era which Keith made his mark with the classic "Critical Beatdown".

As one of the most imaginative MCs with a zany and unpredictable personality, Kool Keith has transcended generations of Hip Hop by being original and maintaining a strong love for his craft. Listen as he speaks on his journey in this interview which begins around the 30.00 mark.

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