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Boogie Leader Frank Ryle of COOL MILLION Presents "The Adventures Of Jefferson Keyes"
Boogie Leader Frank Ryle of COOL MILLION Presents "The Adventures Of Jefferson Keyes"

By JR on 3:20 PM

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"Frank Ryle, founder & member of COOL MILLION, launches his debut-album titled 'The Adventures Of Jefferson Keyes'. The album concept is based on collaboration between singers and musicians' from Denmark, Germany, USA and England. The album title is referring to the 70's TV series Cool Million and the main character's name – Jefferson Keyes.

'The Adventures Of Jefferson Keyes' has heavy influence from the musical vaults of the late 70's & early 80's Soul-Funk-Disco & Boogie era, in order to create new stories to enter the 21. Century of music.

'A Ryle solo album wasn't actually a real plan at first, just a loose thought in between Cool Million albums. I am a vinyljunkie and a collector and i really love those late 70's and 80's boogie-funk 12inch vinyls, with at least 5 mins length – so when i made the final decision to make a album in my own name i wanted to recreate (or try too) that with this project'.

‘Another aim was to include some raw Danish talent, so I did. But the most important thing about this project were that it had to be released on vinyl – to give it the right touch and make it stand out from the mp3/streaming world – go back to analog both in sound, look and style'.
'The Adventures Of Jefferson Keyes' is a classic old school 8 track album. The vinyl edition is pressed on 180 gram. Featuring artist such as; Kenny Thomas, Sulene Fleming, Kiki Kyte, Folami, Gregers, Seest... JD73, Ernie Mckone, U-Nam, Greg Doggett & Rob Hardt."

Now available here at Juno Records

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