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MC John Robinson Interviews On The Lesson, Collabs With SK Invitational
MC John Robinson Interviews On The Lesson, Collabs With SK Invitational

Blazin' you with truth to make you raise the roof, John Robinson invites you into his vivid canvas of rhyme which paints a picture of life's beauty and aspirations. Do what you love and you'll barely work a day at all according to this innovative MC who continues to challenge the boundaries of Hip Hop's expression on the inspirational "Golden Crown".

In a fusion of Afro-Jazz and Hip Hop, JR links with Europe's SK Invitational who portrays a message that the sky is the limit when you make it your mission to carry a positive outlook throughout your everyday.

The Lesson 92.7 ft. John Robinson (New York), Social Change & DIalect Live In Studio DOWNLOAD LINK:…+%2B+DIalect.mp3

1. Nate Dogg ft. Kurupt - "First We Pray"
2. Cali Agents - "Just When You Thought It Was Safe"
3. Common - "I Used To Love H.E.R."
4. De La Soul - "Stakes Is High"
5. Diamond D - "Gather Round"
6. Gang Starr - "Work"
7. Unlisted Track

8. Double XX Posse - "Head Cracker"
9. Makeba Mooncycle ft. Talib Kweli - "Lunchroom Classics"
10. Lone Catalysts ft. Rubix & Talib Kweli - "Due Process"
11. Encore ft. Grand the Visitor - "Considadis"

** John Robinson Interview **

12. Quasimoto - "Come On Feet"
13. DJ Honda ft. Problemz - "Kill the Noise"

** John Robinson - Dialect - Social Change Off The Head Freestyles **

@TheRealDJLotek On The Turntables (Play List Unavailable)

14. Pacewon - "Step Up"
15. O.C - "Word...Life"
16. Onyx ft. X1 & Chocolate - "Rob and Vic"
17. Shaquille O'Neal ft. The Notorious B.I.G. - "Still Can't Stop the Reign"
18. Slim Thug ft. Devin the Dude - "Caddy Music"
19. Unlisted Track
20. Young Zee - "Problems"
21. Unlisted Track

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