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The Story Behind Pete Rock's Group InI: Grap Luva Chats With Kil in 2017
The Story Behind Pete Rock's Group InI: Grap Luva Chats With Kil in 2017

By JR on 5:12 PM

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"From last week's episode of my podcast The Corner Radio on one hit wonders who didn't deserve to be where my #1 group who I mos def wanted a 2nd album from was INI, so this week we've got the younger soul brother Grap Luva chopping it up with us on the beginnings of INI, not signing with Heavy D when he was the Prez at Uptown to wait until Pete got his label deal, the recording process of INI's debut album, why he drove his first engineer crazy, how the album ended up getting shelved and what that meant money wise and why so many albums hip hop albums during that '95-'97 period ended up getting shelved, how he ended up making the "Half Man Half Amazing" beat with Meth on Pete's "Soul Survivor" album, how his 7 Minutes of Sound and his newest project "Sounds of Mt. Vernon" came together, how he ended up in the Art of Science of the SP1200 book, why he hasn't made a beat in over 15+ years and what life after hip hop looks for him. Trust when I tell ya'll this is ANOTHER dope ep!" - Kil

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