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Producer Giorgio Oehlers Gets Funky On "'EGO’ And The Art of Letting Go"
Producer Giorgio Oehlers Gets Funky On "'EGO’ And The Art of Letting Go"

"The debut official release on the label from Rotterdam-based @giorgio-oehlers," 'EGO’ And The Art of Letting Go”, is a reflection on the tenuous relationship between ego, creativity, and crafting a truly personal vision through art. Raised on a diet of soul, jazz, funk, r&b and fusion, Giorgio Oehlers has been quietly honing his skill, and after struggling with the pervasiveness of external pressures on his artistic process for years, the Dutch producer learned that by truly letting go of these constraints - ego, industry hype, genre conventions - and creating music solely for himself, his most meaningful work was brought to fruition.

This sentiment is beautifully communicated throughout the EP. Throughout the four-track journey exploring the different corners of Giorgio’s vision through a range of grooves, tempos, and emotions, each tune oozes with an undeniably human touch and handmade feel. From the synth-led kaleidoscope on ‘Ego Groove, the emotive boogie that drives ‘Sun Cruiser’, to the low-slung vocoder jam ‘Strangers’, and the pure sunshine of ‘Egoista’, this EP is a testament to the magic that happens when an artist looks inward and imparts a piece of themselves into their creations." - DARKER THAN WAX

All tracks produced by @giorgio-oehlers
Artwork by @funk-bast-rd
Photography by Richard Beukelaar

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