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With Magical Afro-Jazz Fusion, Freelance Describes "Your Love"
With Magical Afro-Jazz Fusion, Freelance Describes "Your Love"

By JR on 7:14 PM

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The feeling of love has never felt so good as Freelance create a rush with the multitude of rhythm and emotion contained throughout "Your Love". To describe an emotion that sends our heart racing, this outstanding ensemble reach deep within to unveil a beautiful arrangement driven by lush chords, fusion and African rhythm.

Lyrics by Smithsoneon
Composed by Ausar The Ambassador And Smithsoneon 

Arranged by Smithsoneon and Ausar The Ambassador
Strings Arranged by Mario Castro
Recorded at The Breeding Ground NYC Recording Lounge
Mixed By Chally Mikes
Mastered by Will Quinnell At Sterling Sound 

Smithsoneon- Vocals, percussion

Ausar The Ambassador - Keyboards, Fender Rhodes, Synths, Keyboards, Key Bass, Mini Moog Module D

Craig Hill- Tenor Saxophone, Extra Effects 

Yasser Tejeda- Guitar

David “Dj” Ginyard- Bass

Justin Tyson- Drums
Brandee Younger- Harp

Mitch Henry- Organ

Darren Barrett- Trumpet
Lomar Brown - Alto Saxophone
Brandon Mayes - Percussion
Solar String Quartet:
Tomato Omura - Violin
Leonor Falcon -Violin
Allyson Clare - Viola
Brian Sanders - Cello

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