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'73 Argentine Library Psych-Funk by Cuasares, Reissued & Streaming
'73 Argentine Library Psych-Funk by Cuasares, Reissued & Streaming

A wild, esoteric mix of psychedelic funk, afro-latin grooves, jazz and Italian / French styled library sounds courtesy of CUASARES, an enigmatic studio project created by pianist / arranger / visionary Waldo Belloso.

Acid fuzz guitar, cosmic synth splashes, distorted organ, flute, vibraphone, trippy studio effects...

Originally released in Argentine in 1973 as a micro-edition, here’s the first ever reissue.

Includes insert with detailed liner notes by Eduardo A. Elizalde Pietruczyk (a.k.a. Bubbling Minds) and Mike Wallace.

Moer psychedelic treats released on Guerssen Spain below at Juno.

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