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Rare Hip Hop Label Chopped Herring Records Drops Paperback "The Interviews"
Rare Hip Hop Label Chopped Herring Records Drops Paperback "The Interviews"

By JR on 3:00 PM

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"Chopped Herring Records exists to bring exclusive music that never got its just due when it was created. Founded by Bob Lipitch and based in London, the label has uncovered classic music from artists like Prince Paul, Natural Elements, The Arsonists, and many more. At the same time, Chopped Herring has embraced talented artists on the rise, including Mayhem Lauren, Action Bronson, and Napoleon Da Legend. In this collection of never-before-read interviews, writer Brian Kayser, formerly of HipHopGame, discusses the artists’ history, their creative process, their release on Chopped Herring, and much more.

The interludes are helmed by Bob Lipitch, the bossman at Chopped Herring Records, where he discusses, for the first time, how Chopped Herring Records was born, how he finds releases, what he listens for, and one of the most difficult to track down projects in the history of Chopped Herring. Featured artists include Curt Cazal, Masta Ace, Q-Unique, J-Zone, Finsta of Finsta Bundy, and Mister Voodoo of Natural Elements. And a cosign from J-Zone:"

As both a journalist and a musician, I respect the craft of knowing your sh*t. I call it a craft because as a musician, once you've been around for awhile, people tend to ask you questions solely about your most popular record, or the one they personally like the most. That's fandom, not journalism. And as a journalist, there's nothing like showing the artist you've done your homework and they open up to you. In this era of overnight craftsmen and blurred lines between fandom and journalism, Brian has paid his dues and understands that conducting a good interview is an art - and a lost one at that."- J-Zone"

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