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In 1992, Akrobatik Joins Stud B & Main Squeeze On The "Brothers"
In 1992, Akrobatik Joins Stud B & Main Squeeze On The "Brothers"

By JR on 9:03 AM

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"This was one of those odd tenuous connections that came and went in the Boston-area hip-hop scene. Curtiss Robinson was an old friend from high school, with whom I'd already recorded many songs, both as part of his dance/R&B troupe Act One, and solo as "Main Squeeze". Jared Bridgeman was a rapper from Dorchester who'd been in touch with us for a long time, inquiring about production and the possibility of getting Charlie (KooKoo) Murphy to DJ for him at live shows. Eventually we all became friends through convoluted connections, though most of it was probably through the unofficial talent-matchmaking agency that was Tracey Ivester's presence in the Boston hip-hop/R&B music scene.

Curtiss and Jared came over and we banged this out in a day, helped by the simple but catchy production and both MCs' familiarity with the lyrics and comfort performing with each other on the mic. Everyone seemed to like the song, but as always there really wasn't any business side to World One, to promote it to whatever the next level would be. This ended up being the only song I recorded with the two of them together, though we all continued separately with the music; Curtiss as rapper/DJ Clashious Clay, and Jared finding a bit more widespread success after adopting the name Akrobatik." - Matt Reyes of World One

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