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Review: Just How Good Is The Ortofon 2M Blue Cartridge?
Review: Just How Good Is The Ortofon 2M Blue Cartridge?

By JR on 9:47 AM

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How Good Is The Ortofon 2M Blue?

Whether your a DJ, producer or audiophile, I hope these new product reviews here at the blog are useful. One of the important things we all need as vinyl heads are needles, so I'd like to share one that's pretty good. The Ortofon 2m Blue has a significant price point so this review will show you if it’s worth shelling out the $250 price. The best way to choose is to dive deep into the features and specifications of this cartridge. We’ll put a spotlight on the most important features in this review to see how they measure up.

Why Should You Get The Ortofon 2M Blue

This model is more than twice as expensive as its counterpart (The 2M Red) but the real question is whether or not its value stretches that much higher. We’ll start with the obvious point right away. The Ortofon 2M Blue provides much better vocal clarity, a wider sound range, and overall more crisp performance over its counterpart. But are those benefits enough to justify its price? The answer is yes! Now I’ll show you why. 


  • Easy installation with a snug fit.
  • There is no humming when it’s powered up.
  • High-quality sound that provides a huge bang for your buck!


Good news! The Ortofon 2M Blue has a fraction of surface noise that comes through, but it’s mostly unnoticeable.


  • Output voltage at 1000 Hz, 5cm/sec. 5.5 mV
  • Channel balance at 1 kHz 1.5 dB
  • Channel separation at 1 kHz 25 dB
  • Channel separation at 15 kHz 15 dB
  • Frequency range at – 3dB 20-25.000 Hz
  • Frequency response 20-20.000 Hz + 2 / – 1 dB
  • Tracking ability at 315Hz at recommended tracking force 80 µm
  • Compliance, dynamic, lateral 20 µm/mN
  • Stylus type Nude Elliptical
  • Stylus tip radius r/R 8/18 µm
  • Tracking force range 1.6-2.0 g (16-20 mN)
  • Tracking force, recommended 1.8 g (18 mN)
  • Tracking angle 20°
  • Internal impedance, DC resistance 1.3 kOhm
  • Internal inductance 700 mH
  • Recommended load resistance 47 kOhm
  • Recommended load capacitance 150-300 pF
  • Cartridge color, body/stylus Black/Blue
  • 2M PnP MkII cartridge with integrated headshell length 52 mm

Breaking it In

It takes some time for the cartridge to get broken in so it might not sound perfect right away. But after a few uses, you’ll start to hear the sound open up. That’s when it reaches its pinnacle. So how long does this take? Even though you’ll notice a sound quality increase immediately, it will take up to fifty hours of use before it reaches its peak. That’s an exciting prospect when you consider that the sound quality will continue to improve over the course of fifty hours! 

What’s the Lifespan of the Ortofon 2M Blue?

The fact that it takes 50 or more hours to break in this cartridge means that its lifespan will also be quite lengthy. This model lasts a whopping 1,000 hours! At that point, it will start to lose sound quality gradually until you replace it. 

How Well Does It Play?

It’s time to get down to the bottom line. How does the Ortofon 2M Blue perform? At the end of the day, that’s the important question and one we must answer.

First and foremost, the quality of sound is noticeably superior to other cheaper models. There is so much more detail in sound that it’s almost impossible to put it into words. Dynamic? Performance? Balance? Three words that are accurate, but even those words don’t do the Ortofon 2M Blue justice! It’s a brilliant model with very few drawbacks.

Honestly, I know that the price point of $250 might seem a bit steep, but when you factor in the quality of sound, it’s actually a value at its price. Check out the Ortofon 2M Blue here at Turntable Lab where you can find it plus many more great pieces of audio gear. 

Happy Listening!

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