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Wu-Tang Fans: Introducing The Radio Host Who Starts Off "Protect Ya Neck"
Wu-Tang Fans: Introducing The Radio Host Who Starts Off "Protect Ya Neck"

By JR on 4:30 PM

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If you've ever wondered who is the guy at the beginning of "Protect Ya Neck" album version, here is some more audio and info. I dug back in my cassettes to revisit an underground Hip Hop radio show who broke The Wu early-on even before they had a music video. Introducing, the radio host who satisfies a caller's urge to hear Wu-Tang at the beginning of "Protect Ya Neck".

On 90.3 FM at City College of New York, Lamell Watson hosted the Hardcore Righteousness Hip Hop radio show back in the early 90's. This radio station located on the west side of Harlem represented the underground lovely and gave emerging talent a chance. Notable figures of Hip Hop such as The Wu, Jeru The Damaja, Natural Elements, J-Live and Black Moon graced the airwaves early in their careers. I was fortunate to live a block away from the station and visited the show regularly. 

In this clip, you'll hear some moments of Lamell buggin' out with guests and phone callers along with his co-host Kwame Veer. This show was fun and La made it that way with his wit and honesty in-between rocking some of the best in underground Hip Hop.

You hear start to hear Lamell at the 2:16 mark in-between clips of Kwame Veer, both answering calls by rowdy and comedic fans of the show.

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