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In '74, Funk Band Jody & The Individuals Let It All Hang Out On "Soul Streak" b​/​w "Hooked"
In '74, Funk Band Jody & The Individuals Let It All Hang Out On "Soul Streak" b​/​w "Hooked"

"Middle-aged factory worker by day, aspiring songwriter by night, Joe “Jody” Parsley’s “Soul Streak” was one of many copycat songs issued in 1974 celebrating the art of disrobing and running through public spaces. Ray Stevens’s “The Streak” whooshed its way to #1 on the charts March of ’74, followed by two dozen other cash-ins. Jody & the Individuals was a group of guys that played music in a nondescript basement in Springfield, Ohio, consisting of Parsley on vocals, his nephews Charlie and Fred Borden on drums and congas, Melvin Jordan on Bass, and future Faze-O guitarist Ralph Aikens.
“Soul Streak” b/w “Hooked” was cut at Columbus’s long-running, one-stop recording and pressing shop Musicol, and was issued without fanfare at the tail-end of a dying fad. And yet Jody’s version might be the most interesting of them all, as the 46-year-old swaggers out a proto-rap over a psychedelic guitar break and walking bass line. Behind the times culturally while simultaneously anticipating the future, Jody gives a master class in art imitating art and accidentally creating an entirely original work." - Numero Group

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