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Around The Web In Breakbeats Vol. 50: Daru Jones Drum Breaks & More
Around The Web In Breakbeats Vol. 50: Daru Jones Drum Breaks & More

By JR on 10:07 PM

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The 50th installment of ATWIBB is as diverse and funky as ever, with a blend of African Psych, R&B, Soul, raw Funk, Japanese Jazz Fusion plus more. A cast of talented up and coming bands lay down heavy grooves for a fusion compilation like none other. The mood ranges from mellow to start, then escalates into a build of high energy with various grooves and textures throughout. 

The featured drummer is the funky Daru Jones who presents his official drum kit through Yurt Rock. Known for playing for Jack White, Pete Rock, Th1rt3en, DMD the Vibes, Daru continues his musical journey with a collection of his drum hits and grooves. Learn more and download your copy here at Yurt Rock.

Check out the trailer for Beats By Daru Jones above to experience the impact of this percussionist who's known for working with the Hip Hop elite. Beats was recorded using two distinct types of mixes: Clean to enhance clarity and Vibe to provide more room to experiment creatively. Daru is versatile enough to provide what producers are looking for, whether you're a Hip Hop beat maker or otherwise. 

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