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Verdant Brewing Co. & Finders Keepers Records Serve Up An Hour Of Obscure Grooves On "Making Global Sound Local Mixtape"
Verdant Brewing Co. & Finders Keepers Records Serve Up An Hour Of Obscure Grooves On "Making Global Sound Local Mixtape"

One of the most diverse and funky rare groove mixes I've heard yet. I had to click on this once I saw the name Finders Keepers on my SoundCloud timeline. Plenty of cool parts and international flavor to choose from if you're a sampling producer. The original sample for one of my favorite tracks "Cocaine" by Hip Hop group L.A.D.S. is included in the mix, which is a funky tune by Turkish musician Selda Bagcan. 

Here is Finders Keepers' description of the mix:

"An intoxicating concoction of obscure vintage tracks taken from the global Finders Keepers Records catalogue. Compiled in collaboration with Verdant Brewing Co.

Spanning three decades as the UK’s most dedicated outernational reissue label, with a wide discography encompassing multiple generations of uncharted genres and global origins, Andy Votel and Doug Shipton’s Finders Keepers Records inevitable collaboration with like-minded maverick brewers Verdant Brewing Co. finally comes to fruition. Making Global Sounds Local takes inquisitive minds on an intrepid psychedelic pop pilgrimage guided by the labels widely celebrated musical map, showcasing some of its very best and well-loved discoveries unifying fans of psychedelic funk, punk, hard rock, jazz, disco and cinematic pop made by free souls who defy pigeon holes.

Specially blended for those adventurous palettes, Verdant and Finders Keepers have combined their passions and skills in this, one-time communicative exchange resulting an intense experimental concoction of music and beer… A mixtape in both sonic and liquid form. Comprising an exclusive multifarious one hour download music collage paired exclusively with cans of the haziest premium strength triple hopped IPA, the Making Global Sounds Local project also boasts a limited physical tape cassette (available to buy with packs of beer Verdant) and digital compilation including ingredients sampled by the likes of Jay Z, Action Bronson, Killing Eve and Chanel alongside killer tracks cherrypicked from the tallest Finders Keepers Records branches.

For those who refuse to be bottle-fed their music and beer, then let your taste buds traverse as Verdant and Finders Keepers Records reschedule your journey."

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