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Around The Web In Breakbeats Vol. 51: I Like Drums
Around The Web In Breakbeats Vol. 51: I Like Drums

By JR on 4:37 PM

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In case you haven't already figured it out, yes I like drums and I'm happy to speak for everyone else who does too! The 51st volume of ATWIBB is sure to inspired your desire for various percussion as an emerging movement of musicians go full throttle on the groove. 

Drummer Ryan James Carr shows off with the diverse rhythms of his 2022 EP "I Like Drums". Below, is the usual playlist which features the hard-hitting drums and fusion selected by yours truly. Vets of music such as Martha High, Calvin Keys and Janko Nilovic go head-to-head with emerging acts such as Oscar Jerome, The Fearless Flyers and others. Another selection of breakbeats performed and compiled with love for you to cherish for years to come.

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