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What Is Going On: Marvin Gaye Estate Drops "Let's Get It On" Deluxe Edition Inspires A New Generation Of Music
What Is Going On: Marvin Gaye Estate Drops "Let's Get It On" Deluxe Edition Inspires A New Generation Of Music

Let's Get It On: A Review of Marvin Gaye's 2023 Deluxe Reissue

Marvin Gaye's iconic thirteenth studio album, "Let's Get It On," has been reissued in 2023, allowing a new generation to appreciate this masterpiece. This review delves into the album's profound themes, exploring its unique blend of soul, romance, and spirituality, as well as its enduring legacy.

An Intimate Look Into Let's Get It On

"Let's Get It On" is more than just an album; it's a multi-layered masterpiece. Marvin Gaye skillfully intertwines silky soul with a sensual spirituality, making it a unique musical journey. The album transcends mere sexuality, delving into the emotional and spiritual realms that underpin our most intimate moments. Listening to Gaye's songs, one can't help but feel the depth of emotion and spirituality that fueled his music.

What Is Going On: Marvin And Love

While "Let's Get It On" contains songs that exude sensuality, it's essential to recognize that Marvin Gaye's exploration of love goes beyond physicality. The title track, often associated solely with sex, also touches on the sensitive nature of human beings seeking love and connection. Gaye understood that sexual expression was just one facet of meaningful relationships, emphasizing the importance of love in its purest form.

Love & Understanding

"Please Stay (Once You Go Away)" delves into the longing and security that a partner brings to one's life. Marvin Gaye masterfully addresses both the physical and emotional aspects of love, highlighting that it's the spiritual connection that truly makes love enduring and meaningful. "If I Should Die Tonight" stands as a beautiful ode to true love, a celebration of its discovery and profound appreciation.

The Spirituality Of Let's Get It On

The album doesn't shy away from explicit passion, as evident in "You Sure Love To Ball," a track that was ahead of its time in its portrayal of lovers' passion. Even within the realm of intense physicality, Gaye's lyrics reveal a profound acknowledgment of a deeply connected union between lovers. It's possible that Marvin Gaye's search for a love that transcended the physical world contributed to his internal struggles, adding an extra layer of spirituality to his music.

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Marvin's Legacy 

Marvin Gaye's albums from the 1970s serve as a window into his soul and life experiences. Few artists have been as open and honest about their true selves as Gaye was in his music. His songs touch on the complexities of life, love, fear, loss, betrayal, heartbreak, failure, and death. This raw vulnerability is what makes his music resonate so deeply with listeners and continues to inspire powerful emotions.

The Blu-Ray 

The 2023 reissue of "Let's Get It On" on Blu-Ray is a testament to the album's enduring appeal. Despite initial reservations due to past disappointments with reissues, this release stands out. For dedicated Marvin Gaye fans, this is a must-have addition to their collection. The Surround Sound mode enhances the listening experience, allowing Marvin's voice to shine while the instrumentation is beautifully separated. This release captures the warmth, sensuality, and soulfulness of the album, offering a truly immersive auditory experience. What is going: Marvin Gaye is back with another collector's item to warm your heart and captivate your soul.

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